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Every time you order Benefit Voucher you receive MSP. and 50% of the MSP create CLOUD SHARES.

Cloud shares will start paying additional Shopping Points for your Career Level every month of your live and generations to come.

The monthly distribution of SP will start end of 2024.

It is extremely important that Marketers in your Network have as much of this shares as possible, because all the Shopping Points will count for your career level.


You have collected 10,000 Shares before the program ends in 8/2023.

And your entire network has also 600,000 shares.

If each share pays only 0.1 SP per MONTH, that would be 50,833 SP per month which would already place you into career level 5 with residual income around $6,000 per month.

For every Small Benefit Voucher, you will receive 100 MSP which 50% of that so 50 MSP will create 50 Cloud Shares.

For every order of Large Benefit Voucher, you will receive 1000 MSP witch 50% of them will create 500 Private Shares.

You can get up to 3x more MSP based on when you have stated your first order.


For every BV order you receive MSP. And 50% of this MSP create for you Private shares.

You will be able to exchange Private shares t for real company ownership shares the moment when the company will be public.

This is expected to happen somewhere around 8/2023.

For every Small Benefit Voucher, you will order you will receive 100 MSP and 50% of them so 50 MSP will create for you 50 Private Shares as a gift.
For every order of Large Benefit Voucher will create 500 Private shares as a gift.

You will only be able to exchange the Private Shares for real company owner shares if you have redeemed your benefit voucher.


As you understand you will receive for every order of BV 50% Cloud Shares and 50% Private shares that you will exchange for the registered company owner shares.

To be able to exchange the Private shares for ownership shares and to be able to get paid from Cloud shares you need to redeem your Benefit Vouchers.


Let's assume that you will purchase in total $3,000 of BV.

For that you received the shares.

Now you have 30 months’ time to spend this $3,000 of BV for shopping.

IF you cannot spend them you can also send them as a gift to any other shopper you have register and with that you have fulfilled your obligation.

If you would spend only 10% ($300 of BV) that means that you would be able to exchange only 10% of the Private shares and you would only get paid on 10% of your Cloud shares.

So your goal is to spend all this BV for shopping in the next 30 months.

You can see this in your Backoffice under MSP section: